Benefits for supermarkets
and suppliers

Reduces returns and waste

Improved store personnel management

Minimizes social and environmental impact

Improved margins in the industry

0 %
Of groceries that enter the supermarket end up as waste
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Only 2% of what is not sold is actually donated.
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The CO2 emission generated by 1kg of wasted food is equivalent to that of a car traveling 14km.

Why we do it?

We want to generate effective solutions to reduce food waste and transform the industry so that it can become increasingly sustainable.


How does it?

Resolves in-store expiration traceability
with a GS1-certified code

Use data analysis to obtain the best action to maximize profits and minimize shrinkage.

Generates alerts and tasks
for the repositors
of the store.


Cost of shrinkage by branch, category and product

Action alerts for improvement opportunities

Real-time shrinkage cost estimation

HR management through KPIs

Interfaz Mobile

Customized reports

Specific actions to be taken per SKU

Gondola stock information in realtime

Let's reduce shrinkage and make a better world

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